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Time to purchase your 2015 promotional calendars.

The third quarter of 2014 is almost gone. Time to start thinking and planning for the 2015 promotional calendars for your company.
Buying your promotional calendar early you can take advantage of the discounts offered. Free shipping is one of them. Another advantage is that you can have a larger selection of style compare to waiting till the end of the yer.
Promotional calendars are pre-printed in large quantities but stock depletes as we get closer to the year's end. So it is advisable to start working on this project ahead in the year which is also a more relaxed way to resolve it.
A special advise for those folks that need to have their imprint layout or artwork done and may require some revisions. We offer free service on typesetting and minor retouching. Logo redraw or redesign may have a small charge but is worth every single penny. If your logo is redrawn it will be produced in Vector format that you can then use in every other imprint application be ti Stationary, Car signs, Brochures, Ads , and any other possible application.

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